The 2016 Kedumba Drawing Award is on from the 20th August and runs until the 16th October.



Participating Artists 2016

Tim Allen
John Bokor
Chris Casali
Maryanne Coutts
Todd Fuller
Gabrielle Jones
Gina Kalabishis
Martin King
Jo Lane
Rowen Matthews
Kevin McKay
Julie Nettleton
Stephen Nova
Edgar Schilter
Heather Vallance
Peter Wegner
Mirra Whale
Tim Winter
Gosia Wlodarczak
Lisa Woolfe

The 2016 judge Paul Delprat stated that the drawings this year were of a very high standard. He was very pleased that he had two days to decide on a very difficult decision. Below are his final selections for the Kedumba Collection of Australian Drawings.

Heather Vallance – Fall from Grace
Peter Wegner – Man resting
Edgar Schilter – Bound & gagged, Quantum No 3
Tim Allen Ann Thomson – Artist
Maryanne Coutts – Tree drawing #13
Todd Fuller Pink eclipse – If you fall I will catch you
Chris Casali – Fragmented

Judge’s speech and images to come…

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