2015 Kedumba Drawing Award

This Year’s Invited Artists Chris Casali Tanya Chaitow Simon Cooper Paul Delprat Mary Donnelly Jane Giblin Anna Glynn Bela Ivanyi Adam Knott Wendy Loefler Angus McDonald Andrew Nicholls Bernard Ollis Chris Orchard Andy Quilty Joseph Rolella Kurt Schranzer Wendy Tsai … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

2014 Kedumba Drawing Award

Kedumba Drawing Award Daily at Wild Valley Art Park to 16th November 2014 Award Recipients And Their Artworks Public Viewing The Speeches Invited Artists Katka Adams Danelle Bergstrom John Bokor Jane Canfield David Edgar Anne Edmonds Melissa Egan Sally Fitts … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

2013 Kedumba Drawing Award

The postponed Official Opening was held on 2nd November and was attended by over one hundred Kedumba supporters. Eight participating artists were welcomed by the Director, Jeffrey Plummer. These artists were Louisa Chircop, Mathew Lynn, Ann Cape, Sophie Cape, Ambrose … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

2011 Kedumba Drawing Award

30 October to 30 November 2011 Open daily 11am to 4pm. The 2011 Judge, David Naseby, selected eight drawings for the Kedumba Collection that will certainly enhance and enrich this public collection. In alphabetical order: … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

2010 Kedumba Drawing Award

31 October to 30 November 2010 Celebrating 21 Years Open daily 11am to 4pm. The 2010 judge, Peter Sharp, announced the winners of the 21st annual Kedumba Drawing Award. The full text of his speech can be found here. His … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

2009 Kedumba Drawing Award

The 2009 judge, Euan Macleod, announced the winners of the 20th annual Kedumba Drawing Award. His selections were:

2008 Kedumba Drawing Award

The 2008 judge Jenny Sages announced the results of the nineteenth Kedumba Drawing Award on Saturday, October 25. Jenny during her speech said all the participating artists were winners but she had to select only what finances would allow. Her … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

2007 Kedumba Drawing Award

The 2007 judge Cherry Hood announced the results of the nineteenth Kedumba Drawing Award on Saturday, October 27. Cherry said it was not an easy task but her final decision in order was:

2006 Kedumba Drawing Award

The judge Janet Laurence announced the results of the seventeenth Kedumba Drawing Award on Saturday, October 28. Janet declared that it was a difficult decision as there were many works that would enhance the Kedumba Collection. Her final decision was … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

2005 Kedumba Drawing Award

Selections by the judge, Nicholas Harding, were Ann Thomson’s “Continuum”, Lisa Roet’s “Pri-mate Hand” and Peter Kingston’s “Denton’s Day”.

2004 Kedumba Drawing Award

The 2004 Judge Joe Furlonger selected drawings by Lucy Culliton, Madeleine Winch, Dzidra Mitchell and Peter Boggs and these works have become part of the Kedumba Collection. Two other works by Geoff Wilson and Elisabeth Cummings were also acquired by … [CLICK TO READ MORE]