Announcing the $20,000 acquisitive Kedumba Drawing Award!

The prestigious Kedumba Drawing Award provides the foundation for the Kedumba Collection.

Posted on October 24, 2023

From 1990 until 2023 the Kedumba Drawing Award operated as an invitational award. Each year between 20 and 24 selected artists were invited to participate in the award. Names for consideration came from recommendations from state, regional and private galleries, the artist Trustees, submissions by individual artists and research by the Curator and Director.

In 2024 Kedumba is launching the inaugural open $20,000 Kedumba Drawing Award. All Australian artists working in the broad sphere of drawing are invited to enter. The award is acquisitive with the winning work becoming a permanent part of the Kedumba Collection.


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The new Kedumba Drawing Award

In 2024 the Kedumba Collection will host the $20,000 acquisitive Kedumba Drawing Award!

For 35 years the Kedumba Drawing Award has been one of the pre-eminent awards for drawing in Australia. The addition of the $20,000 prize money will ensure that the Award continues to grow and build on its success for many years to come.

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