Aida Tomescu

Aida Tomescu

Last updated September 19, 2012


Aida was born in 1955 in Bucharest, Romania. She studied at the Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest in 1977 and received a Post Graduate Diploma of Art from City Art Institute, Sydney in 1983.

She has had many solo and group exhibitions since 1995 and is represented in most State and some regional galleries.

Explaining Aida’s work is a quote from Deborah Hart, Senior curator, Australian Paintings and Sculpture post-1920, National Gallery of Australia.

"Tomescu’s mature paintings the sheer physicality of paint, its density and the archaeology of the layers, its application and movement across the surface, is inseparable from the content. The tenor of the work is guided by its colouration and by its internal rhythms, like the variations and tonalities in music. At times the density of the paint is reminiscent of earth or old walls encrusted with layers of paint and matter over time. In relation to mood and feeling, some of the cool, meditative paintings appear to be floating in space."

Om I
Media type.
Acquired by the Trustees from the 1995 Award.
Aida Tomescu - Om 1

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