Cherry Hood

Cherry Hood

Last updated September 17, 2012


Sydney-based artist. Studies in fine art; sculpture (Perugia); painting (NAS); at SCA: BVA (Hons) (1998), MVA (2000). Recent group exhibitions: "Scrubbers Revenge", Penrith RG; "More Real than Life", Gertrude CAS, Canberra; "Scratch the Surface", Canberra CAS; Archibald Prize, AGNSW (Winner, 2002); "Heimlich unHeimlich", RMIT Gallery. Solo exhibitions 2002-03: "Family Matters", Maroondah Gallery, Victoria; Br?der, Lehman Leskiw + Schedler, Zurich, Toronto; "Stranger than Fiction" and "Interface", Mori Gallery, Sydney.

Graphite, coloured pencil, watercolour on Arches paper.
Acquired by the judge, Tim Storrier, from the 2003 Award.

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