Ian Marr

Ian Marr

Last updated September 18, 2012


Born 1957, Sydney. History honours (USyd), Dip. Ed. Master classes in drawing. Travel/studies in UK and Europe 1976-77 and 1997. Combines physical demands of stock work on a family property at Wilcannia, NSW and of hand letter-cutting in stone with quieter studio work and scholarship.

Awards include Australian winner, Arches 500th Year 1993. Collectors include Sir Robin Mackworth-Young, Prince Henry of Hesse, Lady Juliet de Chair, Nyrang Homestead, regional galleries and artists such as Derek Hill, Winches, Winters, Crombie/Courtenay.

Cartoon of Epigraphy on slate table
Media type.
Gift of the artist 1999.
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Cartoon of Epigraphy of slate table on paper
Media type.
Gift of the artist 2002.
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Donated anonymously 2004.
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Outside the Met
Charcoal on untreated canvas.
Kedumba Drawing Award 2009.
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