John Forrester-Clack

John Forrester-Clack

Last updated September 15, 2012


Over the last decade I have investigated and explored the act or action of mark making and surface materiality. Through this experimentation I have been working to see if I could express as fully as I can, body, mind, emotions and spirit through the physical act of making, surrendering myself to the process and the medium.
My work is figurative, especially heads, which are free from a literal interpretation of human features, yet charged with a dynamic sense of emotion, presence and spiritual energy. They present an image of searching, of a person looking beyond the reality of their everyday surroundings to a world beyond, to a spiritual existence.

Studied Cardiff College of Art, 1980-1; BA (multi-disciplinary design), North Staffordshire Polytechnic 1981-4; MA, Royal College of Art, London 1984-6. Solo exhibitions: Michael Nagy 2001, 1999, 1995; Centre for Art and Theology, Paddington 1994; De la Casas Gallery Cafe, London 1991; Druidstone Hotel, Dyfed, Wales 1990; George Street Gallery, Avalon Baptist Church, Sydney 1989; Vortex Gallery, London 1988; St James Gallery, London 1987. Group exhibitions include Trinity Delmar Gallery 2001, 2000; Norvell Art Prize 2000; Discourse of Babel 1994; Wynne 1989.

Born of the Spirit
Acquired by the judge, Garry Shead, from the 2001 Award.


Graphite and charcoal.
Acquired by the judge, Garry Shead, from the 2001 Award.
John Forrester Clack - Hurt


The Man of Prayer
Pencil on paper.
Acquired by the Trustees from the 2001 Award.


Head (Amen drawing)
Pencil on paper.
Acquired by the Trustees.

John Forrester Clack Head (Amen drawing)
John Forrester Clack
Head (Amen drawing)

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