Noel Thurgate

Noel Thurgate

Last updated December 6, 2018


Portraiture has been a constantly recurring fascination all my working life. A few years ago I was re-acquainted with a number of fellow artists (mostly sculptors) whom I had not seen for various periods of time ranging from five to forty years. I was momentarily stunned by the visible ravages of time evident in many faces. So began a renewed interest in the “ageing artist’ as a portrait subject.
As a constant drawer, I naturally began these studies with simple charcoal line drawings. These then developed more towards collages with hints of oil stick and wash, as in the case of the work in this exhibition.

The face of defiance
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Kedumba Drawing Award 2018.

Noel Thurgate The face of defiance
Noel Thurgate
The face of defiance

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